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Combined Shape


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VSH Shurjoint sandwich plate

VSH Shurjoint sandwich plate


The VSH Shurjoint Model 7041, C341 & A512 flange adapters require a hard flat surface for effective gasket sealing. A sandwich plate is required and should always be used when the mating surface is not adequate as seen with the serrated faces of some valves or the rubber-faced or rubber-lined flanges of a wafer valve.


heating cooling compressed air sprinkler dry fire main


building installations fire protection industry


item number size weight dimensions packaging gtin
S00490045 DN100 galvanized 0.29 kg 158x158x2 mm carton (70 pce) 08711985446180
S00490055 DN125 galvanized 0.36 kg 188x188x2 mm carton (60 pce) 08711985446197
S00490065 DN150 galvanized 0.45 kg 216x216x2 mm carton (40 pce) 08711985446203
S00490085 DN200 galvanized 0.61 kg 271x271x2 mm carton (35 pce) 08711985446210
S004900A1 DN250 galvanized 0.77 kg 326x326x2 mm carton (10 pce) 08711985446227
S004900A3 DN300 galvanized 1 kg 381x381x2 mm carton (1 pce) 08711985446234
S00490020 DN50 galvanized 0.15 kg 95x95x2 mm carton (140 pce) 08711985446159
S00490025 DN65 galvanized 0.2 kg 118x118x2 mm carton (110 pce) 08711985446166
S00490030 DN80 galvanized 0.25 kg 130x130x2 mm carton (80 pce) 08711985446173
item number size d1 DN1 l1 D1
S00490045 DN100 galvanized 105.0 DN100 2 158
S00490055 DN125 galvanized 128.0 DN125 2 188
S00490065 DN150 galvanized 155.0 DN150 2 216
S00490085 DN200 galvanized 205.0 DN200 2 271
S004900A1 DN250 galvanized 258.0 DN250 2 326
S004900A3 DN300 galvanized 305.0 DN300 2 381
S00490020 DN50 galvanized 54.0 DN50 2 95
S00490025 DN65 galvanized 67.0 DN65 2 118
S00490030 DN80 galvanized 81.0 DN80 2 130
see above for the diagram related to these dimensions
color silver
materials steel
finishing galvanised
manufacturer Shurjoint
shape round
product group measurement and accessories (accessories (fittings))
ETIM class EC000098 Washer
HS code 73182200
brand VSH
series Shurjoint
type 49
label value
ETIM class EC000098 Washer
Material Steel
Surface protection Galvanic/electrolytic zinc plated