balancing valve sizing tool

what can this tool do?

This sizing tool has been developed for the Apollo Proflow regulating valves which Aalberts integrated piping systems has in its range. With this tool the correct valve can be calculated and the correct valve setting is shown immediately. The tool is suitable for the Apollo ProFlow static and dynamic valves. The export function allows an Excel file to be created of all calculated valves in a matter of seconds.

how does this tool work?

  1. select the valve calculation type, this can be a static or dynamic valve 

  2. select the flow calculation type (flow or power) for which the calculation must be made

  3. select valve product type

  4. fill in the calculation values (flow or differential pressure)

  5. the results are immediately visible in the table. If the results are to be exported to an Excel file and/or if more valve types are to be compared, first click on the button “add to list”

  6. for an Excel export, click on the button “export list to xlxs”