The complete M-profile piping system VSH XPress is a complete piping system that is suitable for every conceivable application.

From drinking water, gas, heating and solar installations to sprinkler systems. The range consists of M-profile press fittings,

appendages, pipes and press tools and is available in the materials galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper and cunifer. With a complete range of dimensions (from 12 to 108 mm, including the intermediate sizes 64 and 66.7 mm), VSH XPress  is easily applicable everywhere.

smart system

The press system is equipped with various controls, which minimises errors and guarantees quick installation. All couplings with spigot ends 12 to 54 mm are therefore provided with a clearly visible insertion depth marking.

With the Leak Before Pressed function you immediately recognise unpressed fittings. Because thanks to the clever combination of fitting and O-ring, water flows out of the fitting with unpressed connections during the pressure test of the system.

fittings and transition couplings

VSH XPress can be installed quickly, easily and cleanly and is provided with all relevant approvals. The wide range of fittings and transition couplings makes the system complete. Due to the simple and seamless connection, you can complete any installation with this piping system.

ease of installation, time savings and safety are paramount

• complete piping systems available in four different materials
• extensive range from 12 to 108 mm, including unique intermediate sizes 64 and 66.7 mm
• clear material and size identification
• pre-marked insertion depth
• leak Before Pressed function
• matching professional press tools
• can be combined with other systems

technical properties

materials carbon steel, stainless steel and copper
o-rings EPDM, (H)NBR, FPM green and FPM grey
dimensions 12-108 mm
temperature range -35°C to +135°C
max. operating pressure 16 bar