VSH UltraLine

VSH UltraLine: multilayer sleeve system

The new VSH UltraLine piping system is based on many years of experience applied in heating and sanitary systems. The construction of the fitting without o-ring and the convenient method of making connections

using the sliding sleeve technique, contributes to the uniqueness of this piping system. When designed, great emphasis was placed not only on the highest technical properties and comfort of use, but also on aesthetics, providing customers with a product of high quality and attractive appearance.

reliable and durable connection

Using VSH UltraLine is very beneficial for professional installers. Besides the comfort of working with flexible multilayer tubes, VSH UltraLine also has an additional, very important advantage: a fitting without an o-ring. Therefore, reliability and durability of the connection is ensured.

The symmetric design of the sliding sleeve is another great advantage of the VSH UltraLine system. Installers do not have to wonder how the sleeve should be positioned when making connections. This eliminates failure risks and increases comfort and safety. The solid structure and high quality (PVDF) of the sliding sleeves guarantee a very high resistance to damage. These properties were tested by our specialists in severe conditions.

optimised design with following characteristics

• sleeve connection technique and smooth fitting design, resulting in minimal flow disturbance and reduction in pressure loss.
• permanent and secure connection by using fittings without o-ring
• quick, simple and convenient installation, even in hard to access places
• up to 25% increased system hydraulics compared to the competitors
• the most flexible tube on the installation market
• fully compatible with other Aalberts integrated piping systems
• suitable for embedding in concrete and cement screed

optimal flow characteristics

The combination of the sliding sleeve connection technique, using the process of expanding the tube end with a special expansion tool and the connector stubs on the fitting, minimizes diameter narrowing of the connection. This ensures reduced flow disturbance and a significant reduction of local pressure drop.

cost-saving features

VSH UltraLine fittings and multi-layer tubes are lightweight and flexible, making installation fast and easy which will reduce costs.

transition to other Aalberts integrated piping systems

Transitions to threaded, compression, press or other systems are also possible. The VSH UltraLine product range includes brass transition couplings for easy transition to other Aalberts integrated piping systems.

technical properties

material fittings plastic (PPSU) and brass (CW617N)
material tubes PE-RT/AL/PE-RT 14-32 mm
material sleeve plastic (PVDF)
o-rings not applicable
dimensions 14 up to 32 mm
temperature range -20°C to 70°C (ISO 10508)
max. operating pressure 10 bar (water)