VSH MultiPress

the plastic pipe system with multi-profile

With VSH MultiPress, Aalberts integrated piping systems has a reliable and high-quality plastic piping system in house.

The fittings are provided with a multi-profile, which means that they can be pressed with both U- and TH-profile press jaws.

The pipe and fittings have Kiwa, KOMO and GASTEC certification, which means that the system can be used without any problems for central heating, sanitary, gas and underfloor heating installations. Due to its high chemical and thermal resistance, VSH MultiPress can also be used in compressed air installations.

The multilayer pipes are extremely flexible and therefore offer optimum ease of installation. An aluminum layer has been applied to the pipes, so that the flexible pipes remain shape-retaining, robust and sturdy after bending and pressing, and that the pipes are 100% oxygen-tight.

smart features

The system has many useful features that make installation and maintenance easier. Think of the color coding per dimensions, in order to quickly find the right fitting.

The construction of the fitting in combination with the press jaw ensures optimal positioning of the jaw so that incorrect positioning or compression is excluded. Together with the Leak Before Pressed function (in sizes 14 to 32 mm), this is the guarantee for fast and secure compression.

With the handy transition couplings, VSH MultiPress can be seamlessly connected to wire, compression and other press systems.

the ideal plastic system due to its handy features

• compressible with both U and TH profile
• suitable for embedding in concrete and cement screeds
• color coding by size
• calibration up to 32 mm is recommended, but not necessary
• control by control windows on the insertion depth of the pipe
• optimal positioning of the press jaw for fast and secure compression
• Leak Before Pressed function up to 32 mm
• fittings and pipe for water and gas
• ideal to combine with other systems 

technical properties

materials steel with ZnNi coating
o-rings EPDM or HNBR
dimensions ½” – 2”
temperature range -40°C to +135°C for EPDM
-20°C to +70°C for HNBR
max. operating pressure 16 bar for water
5 bar for gas