Apollo ProFlow

The Apollo ProFlow product line consists of a renowned series of static and dynamic balancing valves and a balancing computer.

The dynamic PICV valves save a lot of time due to the combined functions for flushing, shutting off and balancing.

Together with the static  balancing valves, they form a complete range of balancing valves that save time, money and significantly reduce the potential for additional costs. With the Apollo ProFlow balancing computer, the static pressure, the differential pressure and the flow rate in a hydraulic installation can be measured. 

Apollo ProFlow 1260

The 1260 balancing valves are user-friendly, high-precision balancing valves, which save time thanks to their fixed orifice. Available in sizes DN15 to DN50 with threaded or press connection.

Apollo ProFlow 1600

The 1600 PICV dynamic balancing valves save a lot of time due to the unique combination of purge, valve and balancing functions. These combined properties result in time savings of up to 70% compared to alternatives on the market and have a significant impact on the reduction of failure costs that can occur when changing and/or soiling cartridges. Available in sizes DN15 to DN25 with threaded or press connections.

Apollo ProFlow V955

The V955 static balancing valves with flange connections are a complete series of balancing valves and save time thanks to the fixed orifice orifice. Available in sizes DN65 to DN300.

The Apollo ProFlow valves are suitable for use in heating and cooling systems in commercial and residential buildings, perfect for new and renovated installations.

• compact
• economical
• fast
• reduced chance of installation errors
• innovative concept to combine smart functions in one compact housing
• part of the Aalberts integrated piping systems portfolio: equipped with factory-fitted press or thread connections.

technical properties

versions static balancing valves (FODRV) and dynamic balancing valves (PICV)
connections thread, VSH XPress, VSH PowerPress, flange
dimensions DN15 to DN300
flow range 0,008 to 108 l/s / 27,4 to 389.736 l/h
temperature range 10 to 120°C / -10 to 90°C