distribution centre Ahold – Bleiswijk

design service and wide range of product lines in new-build DC Ahold Bleiswijk

Various product lines of Aalbert’s integrated piping systems have been installed in Ahold’s new distribution center in Bleiswijk. The property covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters and processes 40,000 orders per week. The complex has a BREEAM Very Good certificate for sustainability and has been in use since September 2020.

VanPanhuis Hoogeveen, part of Top Installatiegroep, was responsible for the construction of the heating and cooling installation. Normally they outsource the construction of a distributor in a technical room to a welding company. In consultation with Aalberts integrated piping systems, alternatives to welding such technical areas were looked at in the early stages, so that VanPanhuis could install this under its own management.

design service
Using the digital BIM model of vanPanhuis, the team of Aalberts integrated piping systems Design Service® engineered the possibilities in terms of smart connection techniques and calculated the most economical installation.

By listening carefully to the wishes and possibilities of vanPanhuis, instead of welding, we opted for a combination of grooved couplings, using VSH Shurjoint, press fittings for thick-walled and thin-walled pipes, using VSH PowerPress and VSH XPress and various appendages and valves, including VSH XPress FullFlow ball valves.

Wholesale Van Walraven prepared the installation prefab, so that it could be installed on site in a short period of time. The VSH product lines can be found throughout the hall and in the technical area.


VanPanhuis Hoogeveen