Swisscom Office – Bern

The prestige office building of Swisscom at the Northern city entry of Bern along the highway A1 is the first large-scale VSH XPress sprinkler project realised in Switzerland in carbon steel. More than 5,000 sprinkler heads were installed together with VSH XPress piping system!

Our customer, Contrafeu AG (part of Securitas-Securiton Gruppe), is a pioneer in the Swiss market with innovative system introductions like watermist low pressure sprinkler systems and carbon steel press piping systems.

After a period of influencing different stakeholders (installer, local authorities, insurance company, inspection company), this Swiss-wide operating sprinkler installer decided to realise a reference project for 2 new systems, one was our carbon steel VSH XPress system. Our complete press technology provided a full system, downsizing the pipe diameters and enabled visible and compact mounting.

“Contrafeu technicians on the construction site prefer to continue working with fast, leightweight and very flexible applicable press piping systems like VSH XPress as an alternative to conventional thickwall piping systems”.




Contrafeu AG