fire protection

Piping systems that fall under fire protection are subject to high demands. We provide approved piping systems that meet all of these requirements, such as safety, ease of installation, size, durability, hygiene and cost efficiency.

Our systems offer numerous application possibilities in the field of fire protection. And this, whether it is automatic water extinguishin systems, built-in pipes, armed fire valves or automatic powder extinguishing systems. Our piping systems have all been extensively tested and fully comply with international quality and safety requirements.


For automatic wet extinguishing installations, we also offer VSH XPress press fittings in 3 different materials: carbon steel for wet installations, stainless steel for dry and wet installations, and multilayer synthetic material system (VSH XPress ML) for integrated extinguisher lines. The different versions have many approvals, including VdS, FM, LPCB and UL.

The products of our VSH Shurjoint groove system are widely used all over the world for automatic fire extinguishing systems.

Our VSH PowerPress heavy-wall crimping system has FM (Factory Mutual) sprinkler approval. Therefore, VSH PowerPress can also be used for automatic water extinguishing systems (max. Working pressure 12.1 bar – 175 psi).

water mist

In addition to traditional automatic extinguishing installations, water mist installations are becoming more and more frequent. VSH XPress Stainless Steel is mainly used for low pressure water mist systems.

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