residential construction

Our piping systems are ideal for residential construction. Thanks to the many possible applications, the systems are easy to apply in large and small scale (residential) construction projects. Whether it is heating, cooling, drinking water or gas systems or automatic extinguishing systems, we always have a system at your disposal.


new construction and renovation

Speed, know-how and efficiency are essential in construction. This is why our products can serve as a complete piping system or connect prefabricated installations together.

We offer compression, crimp, groove and snap-in systems, including accessories, for thick and thin walled plastic and metal pipes. Systems can be seamlessly connected to each other, giving you a single point of contact, warranty for the entire system and cost savings through efficient installation.

The wide range of transition fittings allows for easy transition and connection. For example, a grooved / crimped transition fitting makes it easy to connect VSH Shurjoint to VSH XPress or, for thick-walled steel pipelines, to VSH PowerPress.

You can choose from the wide range of Aalberts integrated piping systems products depending on the environment, temperature, working pressure, certificates required and the fluid being transported.

Aalberts integrated piping systems excels in any type of building.

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