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Novopress jaw PB2 V28

Novopress jaw PB2 V28


type P5990V

The Novopress P5990V are PB2 V-profile press jaws and slings, applicable for the ACO202/3 press machines. Novopress tools are applicable for different types of usage and material. With the wide range of Novopress tools you create quality and tight pipe connections, whether they are made of stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, plastics with PEX or multilayer pipes and fittings.

  • Suitable for the VSH SudoPress productline (V-Profile)


potable water natural gas heating cooling compressed air solar energy


building installations industry


color black
materials steel
manufacturer Aalberts integrated piping systems B.V. (VSH)

product info

item Novopress jaw PB2 V28
item number with gtin 6580101 (08711985298055)
product number with gtin 6580101 (08711985297881)
predecessor 47579-50
item group P5990V - Novopress jaws and slings PB2 V-profile
size V28
weight 2 kg
dimensions 110x147x40 mm
packaging carton (1 pce)


product group tools (press tools)
ETIM class EC012046 Pressing jaw/collar for press fittings
HS code 82034000
country of origin Germany
brand VSH
series SudoPress
type P5990V
label value
ETIM class EC012046 Pressing jaw/collar for press fittings
Type Pressing jaw
Suitable for pipe diameter 28mm - 28mm
Suitable for pipe diameter (imperial) 1.10236" - 1.10236"
Contour code V