Combined Shape
Combined Shape



The Novopress P6015 is a ACO203XL press machine. This machine is battery driven and is applicable for diameters from 12-108mm for metal and 14-110mm for plastic installations. The ACO203XL is more efficient, lighter, and is provided with a new motor design that reduces the need for maintenance significantly and makes that up to 40 % more pressing cycles can be done per battery charge (in comparison with it's predecessor).

  • Back stroke limitation - fast pressing with compatible jaws by an adaptable piston stroke
  • 12-108 mm with only one pressing tool (all materials)
  • Analysis of the pressing tool performance via NovoCheck app


potable water natural gas heating cooling steam compressed air solar energy sprinkler dry fire main


building installations industry
item number size weight dimensions packaging gtin
6342556 ACO203XL BT 5.0Ah 10.9 kg 650x445x180 mm box (1 pce) 08711985486766
6342512 ACO203XL BT + ZB221/ZB222 M66.7-108 36.95 kg 650x445x583 mm box (1 pce) 08711985486728
6342567 lubricant 42-108 0.13 kg carton (1 pce) 08710128400164
color black, red
materials plastic, steel
manufacturer Aalberts integrated piping systems B.V. (VSH)
product group tools (press tools)
brand VSH
series XPress


item number description
6340125 Novopress ACO202/203/4"01/403 charger 1
6342028 Novopress ECO/ACO203 case XL 1
6342270 Novopress set, slings 66.7-88.9+ZB221+case 1
6342281 Novopress set, sling 108+ZB222+case 1
6341588 Novopress ACO202/203 battery 18V/2.0Ah 2
6342556 Novopress ACO203XL+2 batteries 5.0Ah+charger+case 1