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Novopress AFP101/ACO102/103

Novopress AFP101/ACO102/103


The Novopress P5991 are accessories from 12 - 35 (M profile), suitable for the Novopress ACO103. Novopress tools are applicable for different types of usage and material. With the wide range of Novopress tools you create quality and tight pipe connections, whether they are made of stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, plastics with PEX or multilayer pipes and fittings.

  • suitable for the VSH XPress productline (M-Profile)


potable water natural gas heating cooling steam compressed air solar energy


building installations industry
item number size weight dimensions packaging gtin
6209291 AFP101 battery 0.54 kg 82x63x100 mm carton (1 pce)
6341566 ACO103 (12V) battery 2.0Ah 0.22 kg 50x50x86 mm carton (1 pce) 08711985464757
6341577 ACO103 (12V) battery 4.0Ah 0.46 kg 111x85x65 mm carton (1 pce) 08711985486681
6342523 ACO103 M12-35 13.03 kg 470x360x125 mm box (1 pce) 08711985486735
6341280 ACO102 (12V) charger 0.5 kg 160x118x67 mm carton (1 pce) 08711985281330
6342481 ACO103 + 2 batteries 2.0Ah + charger + case 5.02 kg 470x360x125 mm carton (1 pce) 08711985486698
6342039 Case ACO102 2 kg 443x354x120 mm box (1 pce) 08711985349542
6342457 Case ACO103 2 kg 470x360x125 mm carton (1 pce) 08711985463750
color black, red
materials plastic, steel
manufacturer Aalberts integrated piping systems B.V. (VSH)
product group tools (accessories (tools), press tools)
country of origin Germany
brand VSH
type P5991


item number description
6341280 Novopress ACO102/103 charger 12V (220-240V) 1
6209203 Novopress jaw PB1 M12 (AFP101/ACO102) 1
6209214 Novopress jaw PB1 M15 (AFP101/ACO102) 1
6209225 Novopress jaw PB1 M18 (AFP101/ACO102) 1
6209236 Novopress jaw PB1 M22 (AFP101/ACO102) 1
6209247 Novopress jaw PB1 M28 (AFP101/ACO102) 1
6341544 Novopress jaw PB1 M35 (AFP101/ACO102) 1
6342457 Novopress case for ACO103 1
6341566 Novopress ACO102/103 battery Li Ion 12V 2.0Ah 2
6342481 Novopress ACO103+2xbatt 2.0Ah+charger+case 1