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VSH Shurjoint C-Shape EPDM Gasket

VSH Shurjoint C-Shape EPDM Gasket


VSH Shurjoint grooved pipe systems consist of a wide range of groove couplings, fittings and valves for heating, compressed air and industry. VSH Shurjoint is less labor intensive, safer, cleaner and delivers consistent connection quality.

  • VSH Shurjoint can be perfectly combined with other VSH systems such as VSH XPress, VSH SudoPress and VSH PowerPress
  • the 'Aalberts integrated piping systems' range covers a fully integrated system from 6 mm to 104 ”


heating cooling compressed air sprinkler dry fire main


building installations fire protection industry
item number size weight dimensions packaging gtin
SG05E0010 33.7 (DN25) 0.02 kg 29x48x48 mm carton (300 pce) 08711985446241
SG05E0012 42.4 (DN32) 0.02 kg 29x56x56 mm carton (210 pce) 08711985446258
SG05E0015 48.3 (DN40) 0.03 kg 29x62x62 mm carton (170 pce) 08711985446265
SG05E0020 60.3 (DN50) 0.04 kg 29x74x74 mm carton (120 pce) 08711985446272
SG05E0029 76.1 (DN65) 0.04 kg 29x90x90 mm carton (100 pce) 08711985446289
SG05E0030 88.9 (DN80) 0.05 kg 29x103x103 mm carton (65 pce) 08711985446296
SG05E0045 114.3 (DN100) 0.1 kg 29x128x128 mm carton (40 pce) 08711985446302
SG05E0052 139.7 (DN125) 0.12 kg 29x154x154 mm carton (33 pce) 08711985446319
SG05E0062 165.1 (DN150) 0.13 kg 29x179x179 mm carton (25 pce) 08711985446326
SG05E0065 168.3 (DN150) 0.14 kg 29x182x182 mm carton (25 pce) 08711985446333
SG05E0085 219.1 (DN200) 0.25 kg 35x236x236 mm carton (15 pce) 08711985446340
SG05E00A1 273 (DN250) 0.29 kg 35x290x290 mm carton (12 pce) 08711985446357
SG05E00A3 323.9 (DN300) 0.36 kg 35x341x341 mm carton (8 pce) 08711985446364
SG05E00A4 355.6 (DN350) 0.66 kg 40x374x374 mm carton (1 pce) 08711985483895
SG05E00A6 406.4 (DN400) 0.66 kg 40x424x424 mm carton (1 pce) 08711985483901
SG05E00B0 508 (DN500) 0.88 kg 46x548x548 mm bag (1 pce) 04710574456184
color black
materials rubber (EPDM)
finishing none
manufacturer 4710574900014
sealing EPDM
product group fittings (accessories (fittings))
ETIM class EC010584 Rubber O-ring seal
HS code 40169300
country of origin Taiwan
brand VSH
series Shurjoint
type EPDM-E-C
label value
ETIM class EC010584 Rubber O-ring seal
Colour Black
LABS-free No
Silicone-free No
Surface protection None
DVGW quality mark for gas No
DVGW quality mark for water No
KIWA certified No
Gastec QA mark No