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SEPP Gas thermo-activated device (TAE)

SEPP Gas thermo-activated device (TAE)



natural gas


building installations industry
item number size weight dimensions packaging gtin
0037123 Rp1/2" x R1/2" (DN15) 0.11 kg 77x56x56 mm bag (1 pce) 04018422225228
0037124 G3/4" (DN20) 0.16 kg 123x69x69 mm bag (1 pce) 04018422225235
0037125 Rp1" x R1" (DN25) 0.29 kg 123x82x82 mm bag (1 pce) 04018422225242
0031812 Rp1 1/4" x R1 1/4" (DN32) 0.78 kg 151x96x96 mm bag (1 pce) 04018422242492
0031813 Rp1 1/2" (DN40) 0.96 kg 195x195x103 mm bag (1 pce) 04018422242508
0031814 Rp2" x R2" (DN50) 1.7 kg 195x195x103 mm bag (1 pce) 04018422242515
item number size DN1 DN2
0037123 Rp1/2" x R1/2" (DN15) 1/2" (DN15)
0037124 G3/4" (DN20) 3/4" (DN20)
0037125 Rp1" x R1" (DN25) 1" (DN25)
0031812 Rp1 1/4" x R1 1/4" (DN32) 1 1/4" (DN32)
0031813 Rp1 1/2" (DN40) 1 1/2" (DN40) 1 1/2" (DN40)
0031814 Rp2" x R2" (DN50) 2" (DN50)
see above for the diagram related to these dimensions
color silver, chrome
materials steel
finishing galvanised
manufacturer Seppelfricke
connection type G - female thread gas cylindrical (BSPP)
pressure rating (PN) PN 5
sealing NBR (Nitrile)
product group safety valves (safety valve)
ETIM class EC011503 Spring-loaded pressure relief valve
HS code 84818073
country of origin United Kingdom
brand Seppelfricke
series SEPP Gas
type 5548
label value
ETIM class EC011503 Spring-loaded pressure relief valve
Connection 1 Internal thread cylindrical BSPP-G (ISO 228-1)
Max. medium temperature (continuous) 60°C
Max. medium temperature (continuous) (imperial) 140°F
Min. medium temperature (continuous) 0°C
Min. medium temperature (continuous) (imperial) 32°F
Suitable for gases (incl. steam) Yes