Our gasfittings are now H2-ready

As part of the global focus on reducing the use of fossil fuels, the possibilities of using hydrogen as a substitute for natural gas are being looked at in many places. Several pilot systems have already been installed for this purpose, whereby Aalberts integrated piping systems product lines have been successfully applied.

Aalberts integrated piping systems has had its gas fittings certified for use with hydrogen gas so that all gas fittings are now also certified for use in H2 installations.

On our national and international websites you will find the Gastec Qa-H2 certificates with the downloads and as an attachment to each individual product. In addition, we have added the logo “H2-ready” to the application icons.

You can find more information about our assortment on our website or contact:

Customer Service department

T: +31 (0)35 68 84 330
E: salessupport@aalberts-ips.com
W: www.aalberts-ips.eu

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