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Novopress AFP202

Novopress AFP202


The Novopress P6004 is a AFP202 pressing machine. This machine is battery driven and has the same top quality level and of the same reliability as the “comfort” machines, but without the electronic controls and microprocessor. By leaving these features out, the AFP202 can be offered at a very fair price level.

  • Mechanical bolt retention
  • Balanced tool weight and sturdy design


potable water natural gas heating cooling steam compressed air solar energy sprinkler dry fire main


building installations shipbuilding fire protection industry
item number size weight dimensions packaging gtin
6340620 AFP202 (18V) battery 3.0Ah Li-Ion 0.7 kg 129x86x66 mm carton (1 pce) 08711985260229
6340653 Charger AFP202 1 kg 150x110x190 mm carton (1 pce) 08711985260250
color black
materials plastic, steel
manufacturer Aalberts integrated piping systems B.V. (VSH)
product group tools (accessories (tools), press tools)
country of origin Netherlands
brand VSH
type P6004