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Novopress ACO401/403

Novopress ACO401/403


The Novopress P6000 is a ACO401/403 press machine. This machine provides sufficient energy for special applications with larger pipe dimensions. Systems with dimensions from 76.1 to 168.3 mm do not pose any problem for the ACO401/403.

  • High press force - powerful for large pipe dimensions
  • Ideally suitable for special applications with special requirements concerning high pressure
  • Rotatable head with a firmly mounted adaptor-jaw: Unit can be applied at hardly accessible pressing points.


potable water natural gas heating cooling steam compressed air solar energy sprinkler dry fire main


building installations shipbuilding fire protection industry
item number size weight dimensions packaging gtin
6342424 ACO403 20 kg 640x480x170 mm carton (1 pce) 08711985463798
6342468 koffer ACO403 4.6 kg 639x466x151 mm carton (1 pce) 08711985463774
color black, red
materials plastic, steel
manufacturer Aalberts integrated piping systems B.V. (VSH)
product group tools (accessories (tools), press tools)
brand VSH
series XPress
type P6000


item number description
6340125 Novopress ACO202/203/4"01/403 charger 1
6342028 Novopress ECO/ACO203 case XL 1
6342446 Novopress battery 5Ah for ACO203/4"01/3 2