No more frost damage with the robust SEPP Eis® frost free tap

With the SEPP Eis® frost free tap you have a robust tap at your home. It is well protected against frost, even with a garden hose connected to it. This facade tap is easy and quick to install and requires no extra attention from the user.

sophisticated technology

The SEPP Eis® is a wall tap with a smart expansion system: when water freezes, its volume increases. This volume increase is automatically absorbed by an integrated volume compensator in the conduit. This prevents frost damage, even when the garden hose is connected. Due to the innovative design, the tap does not drip and its use is simple and intuitive.

smart mounting

The SEPP Eis® tap is easy to shorten, whereby only the conduit pipe needs to be shortened. Once the tap with the VSH Tectite push connection has been pushed onto the pipe, it only needs to be screwed onto the facade.

three variants

The tap is suitable for applications in new construction and renovation, also for plastered walls. In addition to the SEPP Eis® with handle operation, the tap is also available with a tamper-resistant key operation, to prevent unauthorized use. Even a button with a key is available for public areas.

the power of SEPP Eis®

  • frost-resistant, even with a garden hose connected
  • quick installation thanks to plug-in connection
  • with Kiwa approval
  • with crank or key operation
  • wall terminal with insulation as standard
  • wall thickness from 135 mm to 500 mm
  • equipped with a bucket hook

total solutions

Aalberts integrated piping systems produces complete product ranges in high-quality production processes and meets the highest criteria. The frost free tap is one of the many appendages that meet the wishes of its customer.